About Us

The Department of Legal Metrology is a regulatory Department responsible for maintaining uniformity and accuracy in all weights and measures, weighing and measuring Instruments used by traders in all industries, markets, and trading centers in the country, state, or globally. The Legal Metrology section of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Wing of the Government of India came into the picture in 2009 to deal with the monitoring and regulation of manufacturing, import, and business of weighing and measuring instruments and devices.

CliniExpert’s latest venture, Metrify India aims to facilitate streamlining the registration, compliance, and approvals of companies that fall under the ambit of conducting similar businesses of manufacturing and importing measuring devices and instruments. Our focus is on assisting organizations with 360-degree solutions that concern Legal Metrology, be it model approval, nomination of director, stamping and verification, Importer registration, manufacturer, dealer and repairer licenses and packer registration , so as to successfully establish their business and market their products successfully. Metrify India is an initiative created to focus on updates on legal metrology for an array of industrial verticals ranging from packaged commodities, cosmetics, food and beverages to aerosols, electricals, and medical supplies. Our compliance services cover two sets of services, label and product compliance, to help businesses stay within the purview of the latest legal provisions set by the Government. Apart from our licensing, approval, and compliance services, we are dedicated to creating a virtual portal for individuals and businesses to find the latest regulatory updates pertaining to Legal Metrology and the laws put in place by the Government, especially in the wake of a global pandemic.

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